The District Boracay Resort

The Philippines has over 7,000+ islands, and for our first vacation away from Manila we decided to choose Boracay Island. We loved everything about Boracay from the crystal clear water, palm trees, to the live music on the beach. What made our stay more enjoyable was a stylish beachfront resort called, The District Boracay.


We stayed 3days and 2 nights in their Premier Room. The moment we arrived to the room, it enchanted us with beautiful daylight from its 40sqm windows and door leading to our private verandah.  We loved the elegant design of the room, the somewhat black sable wood pattern, and the simple yet intricate bathroom. My favorite part about the Premier Room is by far the king size bed.  Our bed in Manila is okay and plays its role, but the bed in TheDistrict Boracay puts you in a relaxation trance and makes it difficult for you to leave.

They also have three other options for rooms such as the:

Deluxe Room (2 Queen Beds)The size of this room ranges from 28-36sqm and can host up to 2 people with an extra fee if you decide to bring a 3rd person.


Deluxe Suite(1 King Bed)The Deluxe suite has a size of 44-72sqm and also has a lounge.

Premier Suite/Loft(1 King bed)The Premier Suite has a size of 47-70spm. It breaks away from the simple studio style room and becomes a 2-level suite/loft with and upstairs and downstairs separating the rest area from the lounge.

All rooms are lovely and has the same bathroom setup. We’re just happy because our Premier room was perfect for us. Other than our amazing room, The District Boracay offered us everything you could wish for in a Resort.

Breakfast and Brunch Buffet at their Star LoungeFabian is a huge fan of buffets, and so I am. The buffet that we received was not only delicious and unlimited, but had employees around to make omelets and any kind of coffee our hearts desired. It was by far the best breakfast and brunch buffet we’ve both ever had, and we don’t say that lightly considering we have a buffet rating in our heads.

Star Lounge Roof Deck (our Nickname for it is Sky Lounge).We spent our sunset viewing on the Star Lounge’s roof deck where we tried some of their signature cocktails and had a few of our favorite Gin and Tonic drinks.


To be honest, we liked the roof deck so much; we requested to have our dinner up there.  After dinner we ordered a Medusa Beach flavored hookah pipe(Medusa Shisha Pipe).


Swimming PoolThey had a 5ft deep swimming pool with comfortable sun loungers. We only took a dip once during the evening when the pool began to change colors. It was romantic at times and contained the perfect temperature.


GymThere was a fully equipped fitness center, which Fabian particularly engaged with for his cardiovascular workout. As I mentioned plenty of times, I’m not into working out, but I’m happy that one of us had a chance to enjoy this facility.


SpaGuys…let…me…tell you about the massage we received at their spa. Fabian and I both love a good massage. We’ve had one in every country we’ve both visited alone and as a couple. When we arrived to the spa around 6pm, they immediately sat us down and gave us lemongrass and honey tea. After signing a few papers we were escorted through a candle lit room where we sat down again in order to have our feet washed. We then picked which scented oil we wanted for our massage (I chose lavender and Fabian chose peppermint). After we were laid down, we experienced 90-minutes of harmonious strokes with a dose of tranquility and pleasure. Best massage ever!


BeachThe District Boracay is a beach front resort because it is inches away from the shore. They had their own lounging section for their guest on the beach where Fabian and I spent hours of our time throughout the day.


We took advantage of all the facilities offered and although we enjoyed them, that wasn’t our favorite part about The District Boracay. What earned a place in our hearts was the service we received from the humbled and kind employees from the resort.  We were picked up from the Caticlan port with kindness and arrived to the Resort to smiles and fresh cucumber beverages. The employees assisted us with booking our day trips, answered any of our questions, and on my birthday they sung me a song, played the guitar, and brought me a cake.

All in all, our first vacation away from Manila was a real treat thanks to The District Boracay. Please be sure to visit their website if you’re ever looking for a place to stay in Boracay.

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