Boracay Island Hopping Trip

Boracay Island Hopping Trip
As scheduled in our hotel the night before We were picked up by one of the friendly guides of our Boat company “Shirley” at 9:30am. Luckily the station was just an easy 3 minutes walk away on the busy beach promenade with all the stores and street hustlers selling drinks, equipment and ice cream while singing funny rhymes and chants. Shortly after arriving we started boarding our katamaran style cruise boat for the day. 

We were all set around 10am, wrapped up in our life vests and informed by the guides about the stops for the day. The first stop was going to be an island called Chrystal Cove, the second one bbq and snorkeling and the last one cliff diving. Finally we started leaving Boracay and headed towards Chrystal Cove. 
After a 30 minute boat ride we arrived on the shore of this beautiful little island we were about to explore. 
Having paid the 200php entrance fee we were allowed to walk through the gates for a round walk with 2 coves various lookout points and loads and loads of pittoreske scenery. We had enough time to circle the little peninsula entirely and took loaaads of pictures (as you can see).
This island was something special for sure! After 1 1/2h on Chrystal Cove we met our guides and the rest of the group back on the white shore to head to the next destination – BBQ! A great barbecue buffet with fish, pork and chicken skewers, rice, veggies and ice cold drinks was already waiting on us – all included in the 1.300 pesos we paid for this day trip! After this treat we got back onto the boat and headed to Puka Beach, a beautiful beach with a palm tree forest backdrop and bamboo sunbeds to relax. These looked unfortunately more comfortable than they turned out to be. We enjoyed a banana shake and a coconut before we sailed off to our last stop for the day – snorkelling! 
Provided with equipment we swam around the boat mesmerized by the underwater beauty. After around 30 minutes we were called back on deck and headed back to the shore of Boracay. The tide was low when we arrived so we walked out through knee deep Chrystal clear water and strolled back on the beach to our Hotel. I would recommend this trip to everyone who does not suffer from motion sickness and likes water activities, beautiful nature and sunshine! It was a good price/value deal and the team was friendly and well organized. Definitely a must-do when in Boracay!

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