Top 5 Reasons to Travel as a Couple

A romantic vacation isn’t what it’s always cut out to be. Then again, who knows what a romantic vacation should and shouldn’t be? After all, the success or failure of traveling as a couple depends on, you guessed it, the couple.

The unique challenges and advantages of this kind of trip is what makes it an ideal thing to do, especially when the trip is longer than half a year. Fabian and I travelled 8 months together around Germany, South Africa, Philippines, China, and Southeast Asia (Multiple cities in Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam). Of course it was tough sometimes, it was tough many times, but it was also very magical and more rewarding than we could have imagined. Traveling has a way of throwing people into different situations that are sure to test their relationship.


There’s a possibility that a couple would call it quits at the end of the trip, but only pessimistic will see it that way. As for our situation we didn’t quit, we only grew stronger and more in love; we say that a couple who travels together, stays together.

How is that possible?

  1. Puts both of you out of your comfort zone

Ever wondered what he’s going to do when trying to get information from someone who barely speaks your language? Ever wondered how she’ll react if you missed your train because you didn’t move fast enough? How the two of you deal with such situations can be a great bonding experience, and will show an unexpected side of your partner. We were once on a weekend trip to Barcelona, and a man walked up to us asking for directions in Spanish. To my surprise, Fabian started responding in Spanish. I was impressed as this is something I hadn’t known about him.

The opposite can happen too. But you can always do something to make things better. That, in itself, is a great accomplishment.

2. A lesson in compromise

I enjoyed going out dancing many nights in Manila, Fabian on the other hand hated it, but he always wanted to go fishing and I was not a fan. No two people are completely alike, and a night out dancing might not be something that Fabian would want to do. But I agreed to go fishing with him – even if it freaks the life out of me, if he agrees to go dancing with me every other weekend? Fair enough, right?

You can also agree to not do any of the things you both love, and try something new and different instead. Either way, you learn to compromise, which is essential to a long-lasting relationship.

      3.Opportunity for deep, meaningful conversations

Long train rides or flights give both you and your partner an opportunity to talk and ask tough questions. Since it’s just the two of you, and there are no other distractions around; you can’t feign being engrossed with an in-flight brochure, you can concentrate about knowing each other more through deep, meaningful conversations. Grab the opportunity to ask about the past and the future.

      4.Discover common goals and purpose

Even if the decision was made on impulse, you and your partner would still have to talk about what you want to get out of your trip, what you want to see, and why you want to explore the world together. Making the commitment to a couple’s adventure would create a bond that will make you want to stay together.

       5. Insight into their travel habits

Who knew your girl is unlike other women, packing very little for a one week trip? Well, who knew your boyfriend is such a smart traveller he’s got everything you’ve forgotten covered? In many cases I was in charge of our important documents, and I would worry so much about handling the important things that I would forget to prepare the little things, but I knew that I could count on Fabian to not forget. We can just foresee which one of us will be handling the different wedding preparations, if and when it happens.


Are you now convinced that a romantic vacation is just what you need to stay strong as a couple?

Fabian and Unique


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