Weekend Getaway in New York City

New York City is a place where there is always excitement, entertainment, food and fun. Many people go here to see Broadway shows, attractions and party the day and night away with family and friends.

Fabian and I absolutely love going to New York City and I am thankful that we get many perks while we’re in the city. Since we are models, we were able to enjoy delicious meals and go to fantastic parties thanks to the promoters. This makes it much easier for us to enjoy all of the finer points of New York City and be part of the in crowd.

At Club Marquee

One of our favorite places to visit in New York City was Chinatown. Chinatown is down in lower Manhattan and I have found that this is a wonderful place to do some shopping, learn about a different culture and eat amazingly good food. There are over 300 restaurants in Chinatown and too many street vendors to count

Central Park is the place that we went to when we needed some downtime in the city. It is quiet and peaceful inside the park, even though the streets are bustling along the outside of the park. We like to sit near the Bethesda Fountain and relax before heading over to Belvedere Castle to see the view of the park from above. We were lucky enough to get to eat lunch while visiting the park; so we headed over to the Romeo and Juliet statue and enjoyed our lunch in the garden there.

As beautiful as Central Park is, New York City has managed to build a space that is even better. The High Line is a one and a half mile long park that has been built on an unused railroad line. When we were at High Line, we stopped in at Chelsea Market to grab a quick bite to eat while we were sprawled out on the 23rd Street Lawn.


The Brooklyn Bridge is the bridge that is used the most by pedestrians in New York City. This bridge connects Brooklyn and Manhattan and it is the oldest suspension bridge in the world. We had a field day walking over the bridge and stopping in the middle so that we could see panoramic views of the city and the river below. I know that I am not alone when I think that the views cannot be better in too many other places, because approximately 10,000 other people walk over this bridge every day.


At the end of a long day in New York City, Fabian and I wanted to have a date at Coney Island. We were able to walk around and have fun while going on rides, eating the infamous Coney Island hot dog and watching fireworks on Friday night. The beach is right there, so we hung out in the sand late into the night before heading back into Manhattan for a cocktail or two. And Times Square…well…New York is the city of lights…that speaks for itself. 🙂


We didn’t get too much sleep when in New York City, because there was too much to do and see. I am sure that you will agree with us once you have experienced everything that this city has to offer.

Fabian and Unique

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