Road Trip:Garden Route in South Africa

While in Cape Town, Fabian and I were always looking for weekend trips to take, so that we can both experience the beauty of South Africa together. The Garden Route in South Africa came to mind and it did not disappoint.


We lived in Cape Town, so from there we begin our journey along the Garden Route and while we were reluctant to leave Cape Town, we knew that there were forests and coastlines filled with jewels for us to discover down the road. Before we even reached Mossel Bay, I had been won over by the route and what it had to offer us. We happened to stumble upon the town of Swellendam which is more than 250 years old and filled with amazingly preserved Cape Dutch buildings. We were able to spend some time at the Marloth Nature Reserve in the Swellendam Mountains and walk along a couple of the shorter day trails. We would have loved to have tried to conquer either the Tienuurkop or Twaalfuurkop peaks, but time would not allow us to engage in this adventure. Before we left this wonderful town, we made sure that we ate at Wimpy, which has been opened since 1967.


Once we arrived at Mossel Bay, we knew that it was time for some rest and relaxation. The beaches here are absolutely fantastic and the weather is nice year round. After some time in the sun and the sand, we went over to the Rust en Vrede Waterfalls. These isolated waterfalls are located in the Swartberg Mountain. As we were walking towards the waterfalls, we were surrounded by blooming wildflowers.


If you do not enjoy spending time walking through nature, then you can always take advantage of the Pinnacle Point Golf Estate and Golf Resort and play a round or two of golf.

Near the end of our time on the Garden Route, we took a small detour to the town of Oudtshoorn. This is the ostrich capital of South Africa and there are many farms in this dusty space, so we were able to experience all of the craziness that comes with being around the ostriches. We also rode an ostrich, and they are super fast.

The ostriches were not the best part about Oudtshoorn though. This area is famous for the Cango Caves. These caves were formed over 65 million years ago and they are considered one of nature’s natural wonders. We were completely blown away by the inside of the caves, because they look manmade and perfect. We have seen other caves during our travels and these are more breathtaking than any of the others.


Once we were able to drag ourselves out the caves, which was not an easy task, we made one more stop to a ranch before heading home. The Cango Wildlife Ranch has a massive cheetah breeding project and it is the best place to see rare white lions, Bengal tigers and crocodiles in a safe environment.

Our time along the Garden Route was absolutely amazing. There are so many places to eat and shop along the way and you will have plenty of opportunities to pick up souvenirs and other gifts during your time here. One of the best parts of the route, besides having a lot of time together, was learning more about the history of this beautiful land.


Fabian and Unique

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