Cruising Ha Long Bay in Vietnam

Fabian and I decided to take a cruise on Oriental Sails, so that we could experience the beauty of Ha Long Bay in Vietnam. Ha Long Bay happens to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a very popular tourist destination thanks to the thousands of limestone karsts that are found in the area.


Our cruise was for two days and one night and our cruise boat had 18 deluxe cabins. Our cabin was absolutely wonderful, although we weren’t in the room that much. We began our first day at the Hong Gai Tourist Wharf before we embarked on our cruise and were given our cruise briefing. We ate a delicious lunch while sailing past many amazing limestone islands until we reached our destination.


We had a choice of either visiting a fishing village or going to the beach for some kayaking. We decided to check out the fishing village, so we spent that afternoon in a bamboo boat. The water was very clear and filled with jellyfish, which was a little scary to witness at some point, because it seemed like hundreds of them surrounded our boat. Other than the very interesting jellyfish, it was miraculous to see an entire village on stilts in the middle of water. Although it may not be an ideal home for most, it was more than enough for the fisherman and women.



Once we reached the Oriental Sails cruise boat after our tour, we were able to enjoy Happy Hour while watching the magnificent sun set over the bay. While we were waiting for dinner, we decided to partake in the cooking class with the Oriental Sails chef. After an amazing dinner, we spent time with other guests before we returned to our room for some much needed sleep.


Our final day started early with a little Tai Chi on the deck as we watched the stunning sun rise. We ate our breakfast as we began our cruise towards Thien Canh Son Cave. The Thien CanhSon Caves may be a little smaller than other caves in the area, but we loved being able to see the naturally carved images of a lotus and a baby elephant. We thought that the entire inside of the cave seemed to shine and it looked like we were dreaming with all of the statues of seals and flowers.


We ate an early lunch as we headed back to the Hong Gai Tourist Wharf for the end of our trip. The views of our trip and the experiences that we had are so memorable and we will never forget this amazing journey that we shared together.

We are not sponsored by Oriental Sails, we just enjoyed our cruise with them and wanted to share our experiences with you all. Check out our Ha Long Bay vlog below to see more of our experience.

Fabian and Unique

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