Modeling in Cape Town

Being a model in Cape Town, South Africa, just like in every other place, means you’ll need to work hard. But then again, there’s this cool vibe to working as a model in the city, and it’s called having fun.


Cape Town, also known as the Mother City, is a very cool city with lots of sights to see and experiences to live. Whether you are at a job or casting, free or working, there’s always the chance for you to have fun. The Mother City is quite lovely, with places like Table Mountain, Lion’s Head, Tranquility cracks for hiking, the lovely beaches like the Diaz and Muizenberg beaches, cafes, restaurants and festivals to see. You are definitely in for a good time if you should get a modeling job or casting in this coastal city of South Africa.


Fabian and I are both signed as models with 20 Model Management, and our jobs as models brought us here and because of it we fell in love with each other and in love with Cape Town. Our agency also helped with making our time there easier. When you go into the agency, you will have the chance to talk, meet and make friends with the other models. The mangers and crew are good at making you feel relaxed, even if they are all tensed up, and before you know it, they will be free and having fun with you, the other models, and crew.

As a model in Cape Town, you have the opportunity to be embedded into another world. You can attend a casting where you get your number, do your best to get the job, and while waiting you make new friends and leave the casting with them to embark on an adventure around the city.


Now, besides having fun at work, models in Cape Town enjoy the city because they get to have fun outside of work too. Yes, being a model in Cape Town means work hard and party hard. Once the long walk down the runway, being on set for a commercial, and/or the editorial shoot are all over, what other things do models in Cape Town enjoy? How do they have fun and relax, since Cape Town is a city filled with fun activities and places?

There are fun music festivals that take place within the city and surrounding the city such as We Love Summer, Kinky Disco, Sexy Groovy Love, Ultra South Africa, and many more. There are about thirty two music festivals that come up in the city in a year, so, if you are in Cape Town, and music is your chill and fun zone, then these music festivals will be great for you.


For people that are not so into music, who want a more quiet setting to hang out with friends, Cape Town has got places for you too. Places where you can joke with friends and have sundowners at popular cafes such as Caprice in Camps Bay and pretty much any bar down Long Street. Either you’re alone or with friends, you can pick a nice spot around the city and let the picturesque views from every corner help you drift away.


There are a lot of beaches scattered over Cape Town. Some of the best include Camps Bay (good for sunbathing, sunset cocktails and beach volleyball), the Clifton beaches (enjoy the sound of the waves, the sights and the views of some of the richest places in the city), Boulder beach (snorkeling, watching penguins and safe swimming), and Llandundo (good for surfing, picnics and body boarding).


There’s also something for models that consider eating out and partying as a form of relaxation. South Africa in general is known for the quality of their meat. Restaurants like Mama Africa and Mzolis will offer you grade A, mouth watering, sizzling pieces of meat that will have you writing home to your mom to explain why you’re never coming home. No matter what kind of food you eat, kind of song you dance to, there’s always a place for you in Cape Town.


At some point Cape Town started to feel like a second home to us. It was the city that helped us make our dreams come true, a city that made everyday a happy day, and a city that helped us tie our individual hearts into one. After living in Cape Town on and off again for 3 years, we’ve learned that there’s cutting-edge fun and relaxation waiting to be explored. There’s fun in the city, and other than the locals, models in the city usually enjoy it to the fullest. We know we did.

If you are an aspiring model and would love to know how to get started, check out our upcoming workshop and register today.

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