Black on Black in Autumn

After traveling for over 11 months in what felt like an endless summer, I am very excited to start wearing layers and darker colors. Autumn is the perfect season for me because at times it is warm but still cool as the sun peeks through the wonderful clouds allowing me to have a fresh glow as I walk around town with Fabian. As you guys should know, I am fan of cute and affordable clothing, which is why I went on a little shopping trip to Forever 21.


I paired my black lace up dress from Forever 21 with my favorite black faux leather jacket from Zara. Lace up tops and dresses are becoming my new favorite trend as I have a chance to feel more girly and sexy at the same time.


If I am wearing a dress during Autumn season, I would not be caught without black sheer tights and knee high socks. I love to prepare myself for the change of weather. I may be warm and happy during the day time, but at night it may get a little nippy and I’d wish I had worn pants instead of a cute little dress. Also, wearing black thigh high socks with a dress or skirt provides me with a more edgier look.


On this particular day in this particular outfit, I was feeling very New York(ish), so I paired my outfit with sunglasses that I bought while in Thailand. Not only did the sunglasses add to my overall look, it also protected my eyes from the sun, as they should.


The last part of my simple black on black outfit is my purse which is a black faux leather backpack from Forever 21($30). I don’t wear this back pack everyday, as I don’t carry many things when I am out in town. However, I really thought it would bring my overall look together.


My entire outfit came from Forever 21, excluding my Jacket which I bought from Zara for 60 Euros last year in Berlin. I think wearing  black on black during autumn every once and awhile is a good choice because with the color black you can never go wrong.

Unique L.




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