Leather&Denim For Autumn

The days are getting shorter and colder in Germany so you have to layer up in order to stay warm. Since I always get cold around my neck really quickly I love to wear scarfs with nice patterns, like an aztec pattern or a nice subtle one that does not draw too much attention.

I love wearing white T´s in general, the ones from H&M come with a nice cut that is not too long and not to short and have a nice tight fit around your arms (10€ – Schildergasse, Cologne). The scarf is handmade and unfortunately cannot be purchased. I  am a huge fan of classy looking jogging pants like the one from Minimum (100€ – P&C, Schildergasse, Cologne) that I wear in the image below. Since these pants are made of thick wool and the scarf keeps you warm, you can wear it without a jacket on the warmer fall days.


In case the temperatures drop a little more I love to put on a Jean Jacket – they never go out of style and I love the rugged look of denim. This jacket is from a Pull&Bear Store in Berlin and cost 79€. I always have a jean jacket in my wardrobe since I started to be interested in fashion – you can combine them with almost everything.


To get ready for the really cold days with snow and ice on the streets you should strap on a boot that guarantees to keep your toes warm. In my case this job is perfected by my light brown boots from Mango (99€ – Mango Store Frankfurt). They are made of genuine leather and have a rubber sole that isolates your feet from the cold concrete. I love to combine them with Jeans like the black ones below (Nudie Jeans – P&C, 129€ Ehrenstraße, Cologne).


So tie your boots and wrap your scarf around you – winter is coming!

Fabian P.

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