Beautiful Barcelona in a Weekend

The city of Barcelona faces the Mediterranean Sea and the climate can be hot and sunny during the summer and cooler and wet during the winter months. Fabian and I absolutely love visiting Barcelona, because the area is rich in history and culture. The Gothic Quarter is a favorite of mine, because a lot of the buildings are World Heritage Sites. I cannot wait until they finally finish the Sagrada Familia Church. This church has been under construction since 1882 and the completion date is not going to be until 2026.


The Magic Fountain is really located in a magical place and Fabian and I went there to see a live rock concert. Although Rock isn’t our style of music, we couldn’t help but watch the crowd and enjoy the vibe. During the 1980s, someone decided that music needed to be incorporated with the lights and water show and this was completed prior to the 1992 Summer Olympics. We couldn’t be more than grateful for the Magic Fountain and the ambiance surrounding it, as it gave us a wonderful evening.


One of the reasons we go to Barcelona is so that we can get some quiet time while still seeing many different places. Park Güell is a public park that is filled with gardens and it is located on Carmel Hill. Inside the park, we wandered around the grounds until we reached the terrace looking out over the gardens. The mosaics are incredibly beautiful and the furniture and other items in la Torre Rosa are wonderful. It felt like we spent most of our weekend inside Güell Park with our laughter and dreams.



Since it was not possible for us to spend every waking minute of our weekend in the park or at the fountain we decided to head over to one of the Barcelona Markets. These markets are always filled with people and sounds of bartering over goods and services. The markets have everything from food to art to souvenirs to fresh flowers. I have found that the La Boqueria Market sells everything from fresh fruit to fresh out of the sea and still moving crabs and lobsters. It is also the perfect place for people who are looking for that whole sheep’s head, although, that is not me! Over at the Fira de Santa Llúcia, we were able to purchase a few Cagnares, which are little figurines that the Catalans use in their nativity scenes. These figures date all of the way back to the 18th century and are supposed to symbolize hope and fertilization for the New Year.


When spending a weekend in Barcelona, the time will surely fly by. We really need to spend a week or two in order to see everything that we love and of course catch a few beach days. However, it can be done in a weekend as I have proven, but you will want to return at another time to experience the joy all over again.


Fabian and Unique(2OceansMeet)


One thought on “Beautiful Barcelona in a Weekend

  1. Hello!
    You guys just inspire the little traveler in me, which is kinda inactive for now. When i see the beauty of places you guys visit and see just how much it all brings out in you, meeting new people and getting to learn so much about the world and its people, the wanderlust person in me just can’t help but be shaken and awaken.
    In the next couple of years i would really like to start travelling, this I am planning on getting that passport and getting my mind set for some serious exploring around the world; now, what advice would you guys give me as a novice in travelling, and do you think it will be a good idea for me to travel alone on my trips or maybe it would be best if I tag someone along on my adventure..?

    It’ll be great to hear from you guys.

    Buy the way, I really love your Youtube Channel and really feel like you guys are genuine and i love everything about you. Really wish you nothing but the best in everything you do.

    One of your UFabs:


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