Game Night w/Odious Blocks

With Odious Blocks-game night just got a whole lot better! Odious Blocks is like a standard tower building game, but each block has a Truth on one side and a Dare on the other.


Fabian and I played this game with one another, and boy’ does it bring the goofy and freak out of a person. For example, Fabian pulled a block and he had a Dare. He was told to have a player  rub his leg and breathe heavily in his ear. Of course I was the only other player so it was my duty. Sometimes you feel awkward and strange to do some of the task, but hey, isn’t that the point? Being out of your comfort zone is where the fun lies. Many of the task are truly hilarious and we found this game perfect for a silly couple such as ourselves.



The design of  Odious Blocks is very simple, full of banter, and the objective is to simply have fun. And if you find yourself being the one to knock over all the blocks, you better prepare yourself for a good ole’ fashion spanking.



It’s perfect for a group of friends as well on a Saturday night. We suggest build the game up, invite your closest 3-5 friends over, have a few glasses of wine around, and let the fun begin. If you’re interested in this game or would like to add a variety of games to your stock, please check out Odious Games. Watch the video below to see Fabian and I have a go at our new favorite game.

Fabian and Unique (2OceansMeet)

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