Traveling with my Mahi Leather Bag

Traveling is one of my biggest passions. I love to go to new places every year, meet new people, learn about different cultures, try foreign cuisines and snacks, and just get out of my comfort zone. This passion brought me to many places on all continents of the world and it made me meet Unique in one of my favourite places on the map – Cape Town, South Africa. I am truly blessed to have found somebody who shares this travel bug with me and who is always down to just book a flight and leave.

When you travel as much as we do, you have to make sure you bring the right equipment on your journeys. Not many things can ruin your trip or cause unnecessary hiccups – but problems with your equipment surely can. I am lucky enough to be sponsored by Mahi Leather, an amazing Leather company that made it their mission to connect consumers directly with craftsmen in order to provide not only  100% high quality leather, but also guarantee a lower price than usual retailers.

Photo 30-01-2017, 02 56 32.jpg

I decided to choose “The Columbus,” a weekender bag from the category “Holdalls”. This bag comes with 2 handels and an extendable shoulder strap. It is made out of 100% leather whereas the interior is 100% cotton lining. One of the special features of Mahi Leather is the possibility to customize your product. I chose to have my initials “FP” stitched to the lower part of the outside – an amazing unique feature on your product.

Photo 30-01-2017, 02 54 16.jpg

I am in general a huge fan of leather – I like the way it looks, feels, smells and ages to an amazing rugged look over years and years of usage. My “Columbus” from Mahi Leather is an amazing piece of craftsmanship that does not only look stylish but also gives you loads of space to organise and store luggage for your weekend trips.

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An amazing gift to your partner, friend or yourself.

Fabian Podu


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