As a traveler you can’t never go anywhere without seeing a souvenir shop full of goodies and postcards to give to the ones you love. I have been traveling for over 8 years and I’ve sent countless amounts of postcards as I loved knowing my family and friends will receive a piece of my vacation in the mail. The problem with the traditional way of sending postcards is they seem to not reach the recipient 30% of the time.  I would have  difficulty finding a mailbox to send it off, which lead to me forgetting and the postcard being forever lost in my suitcase or purse.  With the app My I can send a postcard to anywhere in the world at anytime.


The convenience and simple genius of MyPostcard  allows me to upload my own personal photo as a real postcard to touch and store, which I can send with a few personal words either directly online or with their postcard app. Worldwide – from anywhere to anywhere.

After downloading the app I took the time to see how it works and I sent myself a few postcards. I soon learned that not only is the app easy to use, but delivery is very fast. I received my post card in 3 days after making my order and to top it off the quality of the postcards were top notch.

2017-05-08 06.05.02 1 (2).jpg

I wish that I would have known about My in late March when Fabian and I were on vacation. We looked all around Gran Canary for a mailbox in order to send off a few postcards to our grandparents. Thankfully we were able to find a mailbox, however we are now faced with an issue as it is the beginning of May and they have yet to receive our postcards. With My I simply picked some of our favorite photos from vacation, picked my favorite design from the app, and sent them to our grandparents, and just like us, they received theirs in 3 days.

Other than helping you send off postcards around the world, the app also makes high quality prints. Fabian and I picked 15 of our favorite travel images, we placed them within the app, and they were printed and delivered to our doorstep a few days later.

Processed with VSCO

Needless to say, I am a huge fan of My If you are interested in downloading the app and checking it out for yourself please use my friend’s code GZBUHH to get a $3 credit!

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